Outreach autism Services Network

Outreach autism Services Network, Inc. (OaSN) is a non-profit agency founded May 12, 2011 providing autism services to individuals, families and caregivers. All programs and services are offered in Ocala, FL for children and adults on the spectrum, their families and caregivers willing to drive to attend support meetings, education seminars, get referrals from our resource guide plus attend upcoming respite & social programs are always welcome. If you are out of state (NO out of country intakes are allowed), generally our programs & services will not be helpful to you unless you are interested in OaSN HEALS (Healing Educational Autism Library & Seminars). If so, please contact our office first to see if filling out an intake form will be beneficial to you. Our phone number is (352) 462-1068. Office hours are 9am-3pm M-F Eastern Time.

OaSN collaborates with doctors, therapists, schools, etc. to provide valuable resources, services and support for the individuals and families we serve. OaSN provides the best outcomes™ by offering education, programs, services, referrals, support meetings and events. 

OaSN was co founded in 2011 by two parents that have children with autism solely to offer one service; a monthly support meeting. Our original name was Ocala Autism Support Network to reflect our one service.  Over the next year (2011-2012), families wanted more services so OaSN became a non-profit agency. Due to the change in what we offer to the community; in 2014, we changed our name too! We now outreach to all individuals on the spectrum for autism, their families and/or caregivers in Marion and surrounding counties. OaSN is not directly funded by any state agency; we rely on the generosity of the community and grants to help us help others. Tax deductible donations are always appreciated! 

8th Annual OaSN Sensory Sensitive Holiday Celebration

8th Annual OaSN Sensory Sensitive Holiday Celebration

OaSN is excited to offer our 8th Annual Sensory Sensitive Holiday Celebration! This event is open to individuals with autism (with an intake form on file-see below), their parent/guardian, and their siblings ages birth to 17.

DATE OF EVENT: Saturday, December 15, 2018

Autism Behavioral Education Program Registration

The Autism Behavioral Education Program is a United Way funded program that assists autism families (with an intake form completed after 8-1-2018 on file AND residing in Marion County) by offering the following:

-A seminar that provides a core understanding of Applied Behavioral Analysis & ways that it can assist your child with autism (up to age 19) with behavioral management, life & social skills. Childcare for all children in your family is provided for this required seminar to participate in this program.

-Once you have determined that you are in interested in obtaining applied behavioral analysis (ABA) for your child, you will be assisted in completing paperwork to one or more ABA companies (depending on your insurance provider) with the assistance of Outreach autism Services Network staff (OaSN) and/or volunteers.

-You will be required to fill out additional paperwork to provide to an applied behavioral analyst or an assistant applied behavioral analyst to assist with creating a basic behavioral plan to assist parents, caregivers and teachers to aid the child with autism until ABA therapy is approved by your public, private or commercial insurance plan.

-OaSN will provide assistance through support meetings, information about other services that are offered, & referrals to other therapies or services as needed.

Please note, there is no charge to participate in this program, however, you will need to provide requested information including family income to be considered. This program is NOT income dependent, it is dependent on the need of the child you are requesting to participate in this program. OaSN is required to collect this information to receive grant funding. This information also assists us in getting more funding. Thank you. Additional note, this information is confidential & will only be shared as data without identifying names, addresses, etc.

Welcome to the 6th Annual OaSN Autism Walk!

We look forward to seeing you at Sholom Park for our 6th Annual Super Hero Autism FUN Walk! Come dressed up as your favorite super hero, enter our costume contest and stay after for entertainment, food/drink for purchase from local vendors & more! Support LOCAL autism services (OaSN is the only provider of autism programs/services in Marion and some surrounding counties) & have a good time too! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! This event funds low cost/no cost autism programs & services throughout the year that are solely funded by donations and private grants. Thank you for your support!

EVENT DATE: March 30, 2019

Intake Form

Our intake form is available to complete and submit online!

Please take a moment and click the button below and fully complete the intake form. You must have an intake form on file to be eligible for the programs and services that OaSN offers. Should you have any questions please contact us.

We know the road, so we have paved it for others to have an easier journey!™


What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. Individuals with autism process information differently than those not on the spectrum for autism. 

How many individuals are diagnosed with autism?

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services and CDC 2016 statistics show that 1 in 36 children (8-12 years of age) have autism. 1 in 28 boys (3-17 years of age) have autism.  More than 6% of our children have a developmental disability (1 in 16). More than 8% of our boys have a developmental disability (1 in 12).
OaSN feels that this increase is not due to better diagnosing, it’s an epidemic. We need community support, state and federal support to meet the growing needs of individuals with autism. See link for new stats:

Are there higher medical costs associated with autism?

Individuals with an autism diagnosis have medical expenditures that exceeded those without an autism diagnosis by $4,110–$6,200 per year. On average, medical expenditures for individuals with an autism diagnosis were 4.1–6.2 times greater than for those without an autism diagnosis. Differences in median expenditures ranged from $2,240 to $3,360 per year with median expenditures 8.4–9.5 times greater. In 2005, the average annual medical costs for Medicaid-enrolled children with autism were $10,709 per child, which was about six times higher than costs for children without autism ($1,812). In addition to medical costs, intensive behavioral interventions for children with autism cost $40,000 to $60,000 per child per year.

Reference: Centers for Disease Control:
https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/databriefs/db291.pdf, please visit the CDC website for more information.

Find us on Facebook

OaSN offers a Facebook "like" page for general information and news about autism. OaSN also posts information about the autism services we provide and other autism/special needs services that are being offered in our region.  Be sure to support us by giving us a LIKE and following us.

Information about the Facebook OaSN Best Outcomes™ autism forum

OaSN offers a private group forum on Facebook for private discussions online 24/7 reserved solely parents, caregivers and individuals with autism spectrum disorder (call our office if you have questions about the criteria to be added to this private forum). This is a very popular service that OaSN offers. The OaSN Best Outcomes™ private forum on Facebook requires that you have an intake form on file. Once you have filled out an intake form, OaSN staff will e mail you to give you the link to our page and will accept you to this forum. We hope you appreciate that we are protective of the privacy of this forum. Please feel free subscribe to the OaSN "like" page if you want general information about the programs and services we provide. We look forward to adding you to our private forum!


The Ember911™ Child Safety Education Program is designed to teach children how to react in dangerous or life threatening situations. Ember is virtual Dalmatian who teaches fire safety along with other aspects of child safety in an interactive way with a host of animated characters.