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Welcome to the 6th Annual OaSSuperhero

 Autism Fun Walk!

We look forward to seeing you at Sholom Park for our 6th Annual Super Hero Autism FUN Walk! Come dressed up as your favorite super hero, enter our costume contest and stay after for entertainment, food/drink for purchase from local vendors & more! Support LOCAL autism services (OaSN is the only provider of autism programs/services in Marion and some surrounding counties) & have a good time too! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! This event funds low cost/no cost autism programs & services throughout the year that are solely funded by donations and private grants. Thank you for your support!

EVENT DATE: March 30, 2019

OaSN provides a myriad of programs/services/events to individuals with autism depending on the donations and grants we receive.

Our current programs/services/events are listed below:


Autism Behavior Education Program (ABE). A United Way of Marion County funded program that assists autism families with a basic behavioral plan & case management to provide assistance getting ABA (applied behavioral analysis-life social and behavioral management) approved by the child’s (up to age 19) insurance provider. Must be a Marion County resident to participate in this program.
Best Outcomes Art Classes: Periodic art classes provide a myriad of therapeutic benefits.

Best Outcomes Education Seminars Education Seminars are offered on a variety of topics that pertain to individuals with autism, their families and caregivers. Some are taught by medical professionals while others are taught by educators and parents. Seminars are generally offered weeknights and Saturdays. Some seminars are done in cooperation with our OaSN Neuro Medical Division.

Best Outcomes Support Meetings (Wednesdays 12pm-1pm) Support meetings are offered (most Wednesdays) to individuals with autism (all ages), parents & caregivers offered.

Best Outcomes Adult Resource Guide All resources are parent, caregiver or individual with special needs recommended.

Best Outcomes Child Resource Guide All resources are parent, caregiver or individual with special needs recommended.

Best Outcomes Referrals: Our knowledgeable staff and volunteers assist the individuals with autism, their parents and caregivers with referrals to medical providers and community services.

Comprehensive Nutrition Education Program (CNEP): CNEP is a Florida License Plate funded program that offers nutritional education to help individuals with autism (up to age 50), their families & caregivers. The program starts January 2019 and will end June 2019. The individuals, families & caregivers will be educated on the findings of this research study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29562612

Inclusion K-12 School: Our subsidiary inclusion school is supported by choice scholarships in coordination with parent participation with tuition & associated costs. Half of our student population is on the spectrum for autism (medium to high functioning). The remainder of our student population are gifted, have learning disabilities, or are typically developing. Our student population is similar to the population that public schools serve. Most of our students are on a college preparatory track. Our inclusion school is on a wait list since the maximum number of students we can accommodate in our current multi-use facility is 65.

OaSN Gives Back Our staff coordinates collection drives to give back during difficult times natural disasters, etc. Food, coats, & other items are collected.

OaSN Outings Program Outings for adults (19 & up) and children (up to 19) are offered quarterly, offering opportunities for socialization and friendship for both participants, caregivers & siblings.

OaSN Neuro Medical Division. Annual Conference/Seminars offering information on autism, and related neuro immune conditions.

OaSN Pamper Day (annual event) OaSN Pamper Day is an annual event that raises funds for OaSN programs. Individuals or businesses sponsor a parent of a child(ren) with autism to get pampered or pay to get pampered. Local businesses provide food, massages, art create & take, etc. at this event.

OaSN Super Hero Fun Walk (annual event) A fun walk that raises funds for OaSN autism services/programs/events. Community organizations and sponsors offer booths with activities for participants, plus entertainment & food for sale at this beloved event offered the past 6 years (next walk will be in the spring of 2020).

OaSN STEAM Saturdays (ages 3-18) STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Saturdays offers 2 hours of respite for parents of children with autism while offering academic and social interaction for program participants (children with autism 3-18 & their siblings up to age 17). This low-cost program is offered the 3rd Saturday of most months.

STEAM Summer Program: OaSN has offered a summer program for the past 5 years. This program is in session for 6 weeks (June/July) and is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) based program including technology robotics, and social skills classes. This program operates from 8:30am-2:30pm. Our 2019 program starts 6/3/19.

OaSN Student Services OaSN offers seminars and general assistance needed to prepare for IEP/504 meetings and addresses questions regarding academics. Additionally, a mentorship program is provided for students with an autism diagnosis that are enrolled in our subsidiary K-12 inclusion college preparatory school when referred by school staff.

Sensory Sensitive Holiday Celebration (annual) Our sensory sensitive holiday celebration offers visits from costumed characters, police and fire trucks, Sensory sensitive Santa, The Bark Bus, an art project and donated food to be enjoyed with fellow participants. This event is done by appointment to remain sensory sensitive for the individuals, families and caregivers we serve.

Survival Swim Lessons (contracted through the Ocala Recreation & Parks)  Individuals with autism are drawn to bodies of water. OaSN believes it is important that individuals with autism have the survival skills necessary to survive a fall into a body of water when eloping (running or wandering).


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Please Note

You must have an intake form on file (08/01/2018 or later) & not violate our policies & procedures to participate in OaSN programs, services or events (spots may be limited based on funding). You can submit your intake form online here.