OaSN Best Outcomes™ Services



OaSN provides a myriad of services to individuals with autism depending on the donations and grants we receive. Below, you will find a list of services we currently offer:
  • Active Minds Summer Program (STEAM based)
  • Best Outcomes Educational Seminars
  • Best Outcomes Support Meetings (Wednesdays)
  • Best Outcomes Resource Guides (Children & Adults)
  • Best Outcomes Referrals
  • Best Outcomes Therapeutic Art Classes
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Education Program
  • Inclusion K-12 College Preparatory School
  • May the 4th Be With You annual event
  • OaSN HEALS (Healing Educational Autism Library & Seminars)
  • OaSN Adult Outings Program (ages 18 & up)
  • OaSN Social Saturdays (adults 18 & up)
  • OaSN Super Hero Fun Walk (annual event)
  • OaSN STEAM Saturdays (ages 3-18)
  • OaSN Student Services
  • OaSN Create & Take Events
  • OaSN Youth/Teen Outings (up to age 19)
  • Pamper Day-annual event
  • Sensory Sensitive Holiday Celebration-annual
  • Survival Swim Lessons-contracted as available


OaSN offers support meetings for individuals on the spectrum (adults included), families & caregivers (of adults and children on the spectrum) with referrals for services, general support & autism related assistance.
Times subject to change, please call to confirm at (352) 462-0168 or email dsanchez@oasn.info with any questions.

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Please Note

You must have an intake form on file (08/01/2018 or later) & not violate our policies & procedures to participate in OaSN programs, services or events (spots may be limited based on funding). You can submit your intake form online here.