OASN Programs

OASN assists parents/guardians/clients with referrals to obtain an autism diagnosis or related neuro-immune disorder (or after a diagnosis has been obtained) and provides support every step of the way. We have walked down the (autism) road, so we have paved it for the families and clients we serve. A student # or client # is required to participate in our programs/services. Listed below are current programs & events:

Academic Programs OASN offers two academic programs. Ocala Preparatory Academy is a K-12 private school (onsite only for 21-22 academic year). Click here for more info on Ocala Preparatory Academy. All choice scholarships accepted. OASN K-12 Education Division is a home education program (onsite and hybrid-3 days onsite, 2 days at home for 21-22 academic year). Empowerment Unique Abilities (formerly Gardiner) Scholarship accepted.  Click here for more info.

Art Classes offer a myriad of therapeutic & social benefits. We hope to offer again in the fall.

Autism Support Group (Facebook)This private group is available to parents, caregivers, and individuals with autism and related neuro-immune disorders with an intake form on file (see red intake form button at the top of this page). Click here to request to join our forum.

Autism Support Meetings We look forward to restarting our in person support meetings in the fall.  

Best Outcomes Adult Resource Guide All resources are parent, caregiver, or individual with special needs recommended.

Best Outcomes Child Resource Guide All resources are parent, caregiver, or individual with special needs recommended

Education Seminars Education seminars are offered on a myriad of topics. We hope to begin offering again in the fall.

Intramural Sports Will hope to offer this program again in the fall. 

OASN Gives Back OASN staff/volunteers coordinate collection drives (food, coats, etc) to give back during natural disasters/difficult times. 

OASN Neuro Medical Conference In 2019, we offered our first Neuro Medical Conference. Dr. Frye, Dr. Berger, Dr. Boles, Dr. Kartzinel, and other prominent doctors and medical professionals spoke to OASN parents, medical providers, and medical students. We hope to bring this conference back in the future.

OASN Super Hero FUN Walk  We hope to offer this beloved event again in the future.

Referrals Our knowledgeable staff assist clients & students with referrals to medical providers and community services.

Summer Camp Program: We just completed our 8th Annual Summer Camp! It was an amazing summer. We look forward to offering again in 2022 with funding. This is a six week program that varies from year to year depending on amount of funding we receive. This page will be updated in 2022 when we have funding is available.

Student Services OASN offers assistance needed to prepare for IEP/504 meetings and addresses questions regarding academics. 

Sensory Sensitive Holiday Celebration (annual event) Our sensory sensitive holiday celebration offers visits from costumed characters, Sensory Sensitive Santa & Mrs. Clause plus other fun activities. This event is done by appointment to remain sensory sensitive for the individuals, families, and caregivers we serve. Our 10th annual celebration (in 2020) was most recently held at Sholom Park! We are planning on offering our 11th Annual celebration in 2021. Information will be available when available sometime in the fall. 

Survival Swim Lessons (contracted through the Ocala Recreation & Parks when available)  Since individuals with autism are drawn to bodies of water, OASN believes it is important that individuals with autism have the survival skills necessary to survive a fall into a body of water when eloping (running or wandering). We are committed to offering sponsored swim lessons when they are available in our community.


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Please Note

You must have a client # or student # on file, have not violated our policies & procedures to participate in OASN programs, services, or events (spots may be limited based on funding). You can submit your intake form online here to get your client # or student #.