Outreach Autism Services Network, Inc. (OASN) is a non-profit organization founded May 12, 2011 by a parent that has children with autism, solely to offer one service; a monthly support meeting. Our original name was Ocala Autism Support Network to reflect our one service. Over the next year (2011-2012), families wanted more services so OASN became a non-profit organization. Due to the change in what we offer to the community; in 2014, we changed our name too! We now outreach to individuals on the spectrum for autism & related neuro immune disorders, their parents and caregivers residing in the State of Florida.


As of July 2021, We are interviwing for the following positions starting August 2, 2021:

Inclusion/ESE Teacher's Assistant/Paraprofessional

Click here contact us regarding your interest in employment.