Outreach Autism Services Network, Inc. (OASN) is a non-profit organization founded May 12, 2011 by a parent that has children with autism, solely to offer one service; a monthly support meeting. Our original name was Ocala Autism Support Network to reflect our one service. Over the next year (2011-2012), families wanted more services so OASN became a non-profit organization. Due to the change in what we offer to the community; in 2014, we changed our name too! We now outreach to individuals on the spectrum for autism & related neuro immune disorders, their parents and caregivers residing in the State of Florida.


We are always accepting applications for ESE/Inclusion paraprofessionals and teachers for positions that may become available. Please note, we are a small non profit organization and do not offer medical benefits. We offer small class sizes and are support holistic teaching methods (including lots of outside time and hands on learning). We never teach to the test. If you are interested in learning more, send us your resume to hr@oasn.info.