About Us

Outreach autism Services Network, Inc. (OaSN) is a non-profit organization founded May 12, 2011 providing autism services to individuals, families and caregivers residing in the state of FL. All low cost/no cost programs and services are offered in Ocala, FL for children & adults on the spectrum, their families and caregivers that have a current intake form on file (on/after 8/1/18).

If you are out of state (NO out of country intakes are allowed), generally our programs & services will not be helpful to you unless you are interested in OaSN HEALS (Healing Educational Autism Library & Seminars). If so, please contact our office first to see if filling out an intake form will be beneficial to you.


OaSN collaborates with doctors, therapists, schools, etc. to provide valuable resources, services and support for the individuals and families we serve. OaSN provides the best outcomes™ by offering education, programs, services, referrals, support meetings and events.

OaSN was co founded in 2011 by two parents that have children with autism solely to offer one service; a monthly support meeting. Our original name was Ocala Autism Support Network to reflect our one service.  Over the next year (2011-2012), families wanted more services so OaSN became a non-profit agency. Due to the change in what we offer to the community; in 2014, we changed our name too! We now outreach to all individuals on the spectrum for autism, their families and/or caregivers in Marion and surrounding counties. OaSN is not directly funded by any state agency; we rely on the generosity of the community and grants to help us help others. Tax deductible donations are always appreciated!